Interactive annual conference in Colombia

From 7 to 11 December 2020 Inspiragua, the Colombian Blue Deal partner, organised an interactive annual conference. This marks the next step for even more intensive cooperation between Dutch Water Authorities and its partners in Colombia.

Group of people standing near the construction site for a water basin.
Dutch Water Authorities field visit with partners in Colombia.

In addition to a comparison between the Maas river area in the Netherlands and the Magdalena river area in Colombia, reflecting on the partnerships’ efforts in 2020 and its goals for 2021 were also on the programme. 17 cases from both countries were addressed during the interactive annual conference. Coming together like this helps to accelerate the learning process between Dutch Water Authorities and its local Colombian partners.

Video on the Colombian Blue Deal partnership ‘Inspiragua’

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Water event ‘Expo Agua’ in Peru

On Thursday 21st January 2021 the annual water event ‘Expo Agua’ took place in Peru, showcasing the latest developments in water management and technology.

People gathered around a man in a hard hat, who is explaning something about the technical installation behind him.
The Dutch Water Authorities team on a field visit with partners in Peru

Expo Agua Peru is the country’s main water expo, where technological innovations and solutions for water resource management are presented. The event brings together leading companies in the field of water management to share experiences and solutions to the problems and challenges that face Peru and the Andean region.

Blue Deal Peru

During the ‘Expo Agua‘ event in Peru, the Peruvian Blue Deal partnership looked back on the partnership’s creation, its added value and the future. The National Water Authority and the water councils of Tumbes and Chira-Piura were also present.

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Studies on water reservoirs Burkina Faso

The Blue Deal partnership in Burkina Faso has successfully supported two local Burkina Faso water authorities to access 600.000 euros of Develop2Build funding. The funds will be used to carry out feasibility studies.

Two men standing on a raised platform overlooking a large water reservoir.

The feasibility studies will focus on the restoration and preservation of 9 large water reservoirs in Burkina Faso. The study has been awarded to Witteveen + Bos and their Burkinabese partner BERA, a local engineering firm. The Burkina Faso Blue Deal partners participated in the selection process.

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Study: water management knowledge exchange

TU Delft and Erasmus University, in collaboration with Dutch Water Authorities, have launched a study into water management knowledge exchange. The universities are investigating which lessons the Dutch regional water authorities take abroad.

Meeting room with people seated at tables for a traning session. One man is stood, giving a presentation.
Dutch Water Authorities and local partners attending a training session.

As part of the study into water management knowledge exchange university researchers are looking at the lessons learned at an individual level, group level and organisational level. The aim is to find out exactly what effect these lessons have on organisations.


A questionnaire is sent out via the Dutch Water Authorities foreign coordinators. It is hoped that insight can be gained into the possibilities and limiting factors of international knowledge sharing.

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Blue Deal Annual plan 2021

The 2021 annual plan of the Blue Deal programme has been approved by the steering committee. The partnerships will continue their work in 2021 to improve water management in 14 countries.

Two men inspecting a waste water treatment plant.

The focus of the Blue Deal Annual plan 2021 is on three crucial elements: sufficient knowledge and skills, a well-functioning organisation and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Online learning

As COVID-19 continues into 2021, the Blue Deal partnerships focus on online learning and training in the first six months. This is not easy in all countries, for example due to slow internet connections or recently initiated partnerships. Therefore, the partnerships also focus on additional local representation. Dutch Water Authorities hopes to physically meet its partners again in the second half of 2021.

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