The Dutch regional water authorities live up to their joint responsibility for ensuring a sufficient supply of clean and safe water. But that responsibility does not stop at the border.

Working visit to the Dutch coastal protection.

As Dutch Water Authorities we feel we have a responsibility to support other countries in regional water management. At the same time, sharing expertise internationally is good for the Dutch regional water authorities and the water sector as a whole. It allows us to see how other countries tackle similar water challenges, such as drought and subsidence. When water managers go abroad they know exactly what our partners need to know and what they want to obtain in return from working with colleagues in other countries. We take a structured approach to sharing and acquiring expertise by working with knowledge agendas and development themes. Dutch Water Authorities disseminates the knowledge obtained, ensuring that it gets to the right people in the water authorities.

Working visit with Turkish colleagues.


Dutch Water Authorities and two Dutch government ministries seek to help solve global water issues by exchanging water management expertise with other countries. They do this through a joint programme: the Blue Deal.

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