Signing for Phase 2 of Blue Deal Partnership Mozambique

Dutch Water Authorities (DWA) and the Regional Water Administrations (ARAs) in Mozambique signed Phase 2 of the Blue Deal programme 2023 - 2030.

The memoranda of understanding (MoUs) were signed by Luzette Kroon, chair of the Blue Deal programme, alongside the directors of the 3 ARAs. The signing strengthens cooperation between the Netherlands and Mozambique in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), focusing on water quality, availability, flood and drought risk management, and climate change.

The MoUs signing ceremony was attended by Luzette Kroon, Geert-Jan ten Brink, president of the Dutch water authority Hunze en Aa’s, Ivo van Haren, the First Secretary for Water and Sanitation of the Dutch embassy in Mozambique, as well as the directors and technicians of the ARAs. During the ceremony, Kroon highlighted the challenges and successes of the first phase, including capacity building, staffing of the ARAs, and the development of hydrological models.

ARAs’ satisfaction and support

The ARAs expressed satisfaction with the progress of the partnership and confirmed their support for the shared goals and objectives. As key stakeholders in water resources management in Mozambique, they recognise the importance of continuous collaboration, planning, and communication for the success of Phase 2 of the Blue Deal partnership.

Cooperation with Dutch embassy and new IWRM programme

The ceremony also highlighted cooperation between the Blue Deal programme and the Dutch embassy in Mozambique, particularly through its new IWRM programme. As the second phase of the Blue Deal unfolds, the signing of the MoUs represents a significant milestone in strengthening cooperation between the Netherlands and Mozambique in the field of IWRM.

Insights from the visit

The ceremony took place during a work visit by a DWA delegation in January, providing insights into infrastructure management and activities of ARA Sul and the SASB. The delegation learned more about the activities being developed by these 2 partners with the support of the Blue Deal. After this visit, they gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and the measures undertaken for water quality control, flood and drought risk management, sanitation, and climate change adaptation.