DWA delegation visits Mozambique for the Blue Deal programme

In January 2024, a delegation from Dutch Water Authorities (DWA) visited Mozambique to witness the progress of the Blue Deal partnership in the country. This visit marked a crucial milestone in strengthening water management and climate change mitigation efforts in the country. By fostering partnerships and sharing knowledge, countries can work together to develop sustainable water management solutions for the benefit of present and future generations.

Visit to ARA Sul Infrastructures

On January 16, the delegation had the opportunity to explore the Goba telemetry station and the Pequenos Libombos Dam. The visit to these 2 infrastructures shed light on the challenges faced by ARA Sul when working with regional entities and the adjustments needed to respond to climate change.
The flaws in the regional agreements between Mozambique, Eswatini and South Africa, inconsistent data sharing (particularly during drought and rainy seasons), and limited resources were identified as primary hurdles towards sustainable water management in the region. It is evident that the Blue Deal programme’s support, alongside organisations and conferences such as REMCO and INMACOM, can play a pivotal role in strengthening the cooperation between the 3 countries and ensure reliable flood and drought risk management.

Visit to ARA Sul headquarters

On January 17, the DWA delegation engaged in a meeting with ARA Sul’s management team. This water authority is actively involved in various topics within the partnership, such as water quality management, flood risk management (including dike management and early warning systems), groundwater modelling, and licensing of water users. Through ARA Sul and the other partners, the Mozambican partnership draws attention to the need for proactive measures to mitigate the devastating impact of floods in the country.

Signing of MoUs

On January 18, the Mozambican partnership celebrated the signing of the Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) for Phase 2 of the Blue Deal programme. This MoU solidifies the commitment of all parties involved to continue working together towards water-related challenges and climate resilience.

Meeting with the Mozambican Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources

In order to reinforce the Dutch support for Mozambique in water management, sanitation, and climate change issues, the DWA delegation had a meeting with the Mozambican Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources (Carlos Mesquita), the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Mozambique (Elsbeth Akkerman), and the First Secretary for Water and Sanitation of the Dutch embassy in Mozambique (Ivo van Haren). This meeting highlighted the shared vision of both nations in addressing critical water management issues and reaffirmed the Dutch commitment to provide technical expertise, financial aid, and capacity-building support to Mozambique.

Impact of climate change and sea level rise in Beira

The delegation’s work visit concluded with their travel to Beira, where they worked with the Municipality of Beira. Through the SASB (Beira Autonomous Sanitation Service), the partnership is assisting the Municipality of Beira in addressing issues concerning the operation and maintenance of the drainage system and cleaning of the urban canals. These actions are of great importance at a time in which the city is severely affected by the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

The Blue Deal partnership is facilitating a continuous exchange of knowledge between the 2 countries that started almost 10 years ago through the partnership of the Dutch water authority Hunze en Aas with the Municipality of Beira.