In Mali, Dutch Water Authorities is working with the local agency ANGESEM, which oversees 8 wastewater treatment plants. Their work focuses on improving wastewater treatment processes and working more sustainably.

The partners have three priorities: professionalising maintenance and supervision of the wastewater treatment plants, increasing institutional resilience, and enhancing relationship management.

Improving maintenance and management in Mali

Training courses have been set up to improve management of wastewater treatment plants. Standard checklists are now used for maintenance of the treatment plants. Improving wastewater treatment processes has also had other positive effects. For example, the quality of the natural surroundings and the water quality of the Niger River have improved.

In addition, the partners are engaged in relocating the laboratory to ANGESEM’s head office in Sotuba.

Group of people gathered outdoors at a building site in Mali, discussing the work. Builders are visible in the background.
Blue Deal partners on a field visit with Daviz Mbepo Simango, mayor of Beira.

The partners are also working on two pilot projects. These focus on monitoring the quantity and quality of industrial waste water in Mali.