The partnership in Ghana centres on drawing up water management plans with a focus on agriculture and tackling pollution. Dutch Water Authorities is working with Ghanaian partners to set up a regional water authority.

An integrated water management plan is being drawn up with the organisations responsible for water management in the region. The partnership shows local partners that integrated water management involves taking account of a broader range of elements in management tasks.

Examples of this are replanting riverbanks to combat erosion, improving the stability of flood defences, making more efficient use of water in agriculture, dredging, and small-scale solutions to domestic wastewater treatment.

Two men standing on a platform overlooking a large body of water.
Field visit of partner project in Ghana


The partnership in Ghana is also working to improve the provision of information when flooding occurs. In the video below, Jaap Bos explains how Dutch Water Authorities works with local partners to solve flooding in Ghana. These floods are caused by a dam in Burkina Faso.