Dutch Water Authorities works together with the Buenos Aires Province in Argentina to improve water management. The Tandil-General Lavalle catchment area is regularly hit by flooding, seawater intrusion, drought and a lack of fresh water.

The Blue Deal partnership with Dutch Water Authorities is boosting trust in authorities and promoting collaboration between interested parties in Argentina. For the first time, farmers, municipalities and provincial bodies are working on water management together. The partnership made a film about the participatory approach in General Lavalle to share their positive experience of working together.

New water management organisation

In the area that has been designated as a test site, the partners jointly identified various locations with water issues. In order to be able to tackle problems structurally, a local water management organisation has been set up.

Monitoring station in Argentina located in a field seen from above; two people are working to readjust the equipment. A pick-up truck is parked nearby.
Monitoring station in the Tandil-General Lavalle catchment area