Smelling the flowers: Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater in Ethiopia

Organization: World Waternet

In the large condominium housing projects in many Ethiopian cities, the sanitation situation is really poor. Overflowing wastewater results in health, social and environmental issues. It will take a long time before the people living in these condominiums are connected to the sewage network, but the problems are very urgent!

Nature-based solutions

This video shows how multiple stakeholders collaborate towards nature-based solutions for a more hands-on approach to tackle this wastewater problem: constructed wetlands.

The NWB Wetlands for Wastewater project consists of three components:

  1. Monitoring the quality of the treated water in Shashemene: Two wetlands have been constructed in the city of Shashemene. World Waternet facilitates the monitoring (including providing training and equipment for the water utility) to ensure that the water can be safely used by the condominium residents.
  2. Constructing a new wetland in Adama: In collaboration with local NGO BBBC, the inhabitants of the Danballaa condominium, the municipality, the water utility, and Dutch NGO WASTE, World Waternet is in the process of constructing a new wetland in the city of Adama.
  3. Feasibility study for scaling up: Focusing on collaboration with local banks, universities, and numerous other potential stakeholders to establish a framework through which Ethiopia can further expand the success of constructed wetlands.

Impact on the inhabitants

The video exclusively focuses on the first component. We illustrate the impact on the inhabitants of two wetlands have already been constructed in Shashemene.