NWB Fund supports Blue Deal Congress

The Blue Deal Congress has shown that international cooperation between water managers is useful, necessary and also a lot of fun. The NWB Fund is proud to have contributed to this on behalf of the bank of the Dutch water authorities (Waterschapsbank). 3 lessons learnt stand out.

Marion Wierda from the NWB Fund speaks at the dinner party

Lesson 1: Water management is about money

Water management is about money, because without money you won’t be able to get a lot done. The NWB Fund therefore co-finances projects and activities within (and outside) Blue Deal partnerships aimed at climate adaptation, with a focus on nature-based solutions and inclusiveness. Proposals are welcome.

Lessson 2: Water management is about trust

Water management also requires a different currency: not euros or dollars, but trust. Because good relationships are also a precondition for realizing change. There was a lot of networking during this congress and a party is the ultimate team building activity. The fund has therefore wholeheartedly sponsored the Blue Deal Congress party.

Lesson 3: Water management is about solving issues together

After all, this congress was a historic moment. As water managers, we traditionally mainly look at our own working area, because there is plenty to do there. After 800 years, the Dutch water authorities are now also looking outwards and are seeking international cooperation. Because climate does not respect borders and only together can we solve difficult issues. We are the pioneers of this movement in the Blue Deal. Let’s commit to making this a success.

For more information and questions about the NWB Fund, please contact programme manager Marion Wierda (mwierda@uvw.nl).